My name is D.S. Barrett. A long time ago I used to write music articles for id Magazine, Fab Magazine Toronto and the Ontarion which is the campus paper at the University of Guelph. Now I have this blog and have begun writing for 102.1 the edge in Toronto (at http://www.edge.ca). I also worked at a couple record stores and book stores over the years. I love music… I mean I “really” love music. But recently, as tunes have become more digitized I’ve found myself obsessing over vinyl. The whole experience of pulling it out of a cover, placing it on a turntable and staying with it. Each time the needle touches the grooves I get the feeling of having a conversation with a good friend. In some ways I get that same feeling when I geek out in conversations about other pop culture collectibles. I’m just not embarrassed to say I love Lego, and I love animated films, and books and comics and cool collectible things that sit on shelves and scream “AWESOME” to anyone willing to listen and look. So now, I’m going to write again, and make videos to share this little obsession – hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for the comment. Sometimes it’s hard to know if people find any value in what I’m writing about, so the compliment is really appreciated.


  1. There aren’t a lot of Canadian who blog about vinyl, by the looks of it (unless I’m not looking hard enough). Glad you’re picking up the slack 🙂


    • Thanks Mark! Doing my best. Hope more people start. Although, if you check out edge.ca Alan Cross did a series on vinyl that was pretty cool.


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