Oh, not this shit again! Courtney and the Conspiracy – blah blah blah

I understand the thirst for blame and justice; that insatiable desire to find meaning in a senseless death, but can we please give this a rest. The second Kurt Cobain documentary this year, Soaked In Bleach, wants to re-examine the case surrounding the demise of the Nirvana front man. So Courtney Love has filed a cease and desist order against any theatres wishing to screen it in hopes of putting a stop to a film that essentially promises to be defamatory.

Of course, I’ve only seen the trailer, but… whew… it’s got ominous music, re-enactments, interviews with experts, and a whole lot of people that want Courtney behind bars. It has a compelling narrative filled with anecdotal ‘evidence.’ What it can’t explain a way is the very reason I don’t believe a shred of it.

Courtney Love has become one of the most vilified people on the planet. Over the years she has been in and out of court for the most asinine and trivial of reasons. If Police in Seattle, let alone other agencies can’t find evidence of her guilt, especially when everyone involved wants her to be guilty, how am I supposed to suspend my disbelief long enough to accept that a filmmaker and private detective have done it. Both of whom will get very big reputations by attaching their names to this… um… case, for lack of a better name. As they say in the trailer – “that’s called motive.”

Then, and this is a much bigger leap, I’m supposed to accept that Courtney Love is a criminal genius. Ms Love has been called a great many things by a great many people, but not once has anyone ever convinced me she has what it takes to be an evil mastermind. Maybe she could play one in an Austin Powers sequel, or perhaps that rumoured Poison Ivy in Joel Schumacher’s failed to materialize “Clooney Batman” sequel, but honest to goodness villainess?

Like the other Kurt documentaries, I don’t go. I put on some records, listen to music from a much angrier age, and re-envision Kurt decapitating the In Utero angel at Maple Leaf Gardens all those years ago.

He was pretty screwed up…

Fallen Into a Black Hole? or Hole – Live Through This


Four days after Kurt Cobain was found dead and Live Through This hit the streets, the grand bashing of Courtney Love went into overdrive. Gone was the trash of calling her some kind of “Yoko Ono” (I never understood that one. I mean really, is every woman married to a rock star supposed to be a Yoko?) and in its place were the conspiracy theories that started with crap about “who REALLY wrote the music” and finished with “who really killed…” you know what, I’m not even going to finish the sentence… the whole idea was to fucking stupid to repeat. All I will say is this – If cops can’t find a reason to arrest one of the most vilified persons on the planet, there is NO reason to arrest them. Oh, and as for writing credits – they’re in the liner notes of the album.

The only thing anyone should have been talking about was her music, and for several years, her and her compatriots in Hole put out some fantastic music. In fact, Live Through This is not only one of the greatest albums to come out of the 90’s, but is in fact one of the greatest all-time.

So why the hell can’t it be found on vinyl?

Well, actually, it can… if you like counterfeits made in Europe from a CD source.

E-Bay has dump loads being sold as “Imports” without any place listed as having made them. Discogs on the other hand have a time and place listed for this album. In 2014, an unofficial version was released by a “mystery” company in Germany, (or rumoured France) due to the fact that fans really want to get their hands on it. It can be found for around 20 dollars and those that have it seem to like it. However, I wouldn’t touch it.

What I would like is the cash to buy the original pressing or for DGC and Love to put out a cool anniversary edition.

Back in 1994, City Slang put out two editions of Live Through This on vinyl, one black and the other white. The white vinyl has an asking price of nearly $300.00 (only 3000 made) while the regular vinyl goes for just over $100.00 on discogs. This is pretty damn funny considering people are asking for as much as $60.00 + shipping for the counterfeit on E-Bay.

hole2 hole3

All this information and I remain confused. No official reissue on either CD or vinyl – WHY?

Honestly, I can’t figure out why Live Through This hasn’t had a re-release and been given the respect that it is due. With the plethora of box sets and special editions on the market for every other important band (and some not so important bands) that blazed trails during that era, where is Hole?