Playlist March 22/15

Here is this weeks playlist. I will update the song stuff as I go.

March 22/15 Playlist

1. “Bottle Of Fur” – Urge Overkill

Saturation is one of my all time favorite records, which I am really wanting to find on vinyl, at a reasonable price…

2. “Three Women” – Jack White

Yeah yeah, Lazaretto, great record… not much more you can say.

3. “Freak Scene” – Dinosaur Jr.

From Bug, because Spotify doesn’t have Bug Live, “Freak Scene would kinda be considered the hit, if such a thing really existed for a cult classic. You can pick this up at some of the better record stores out and about, but the special purple splatter vinyl is sold out.

4. “In The Clear” – Foo Fighters

Great record that keeps finding its way onto my turntable.

5. “Born To Run (Live) – Bruce Springsteen

Did a write up on this a while back. Still think “Born to Run” is the perfect classic rock tune.

6. “20th Century Man” – The Kinks

7. “Everybody Makes A Mistake” – Otis Redding

8. “Little Wing” – Jimi Hendrix

This arrived from Newbury Comics last week. Sounds frickin great and is still available here.

9. “Witchy Woman” – Eagles

10. “Can’t Feel My Soul” – Teenage Fanclub

11. “Do You” – Spoon

12. “Crestfallen” – Pernice Brothers

13. “Neither Here Nor There” – Sloan

14. “A Very Sorry Christmas” – The New Medicants

15. “Things” – Paul Westerberg

16. “Crazy For You” – The Dirtbombs

Such an awesome sound on this band, just had to get a couple of their records. Listen and you might agree. If you do click here.

17. “Wild Eyes” – Vivian Girls

Couple years ago I was listening to these guys and thinking how great they were. Finally picked some up on vinyl.

18. “I’m Shy” – The Juliana Hatfield Three

What I said just a few days ago.

19. “Willow” – Said The Whale

20. “Kitsch Trick” – The Seasons


“The Waiting Is The Hardest Part” – Juliana Hatfield Three: Whatever, My Love


One of the hardest things about getting those limited edition… well, anything, is waiting. If you want that 1 of “500 copies” or “1000 copies” only on some blue translucent vinyl with green polka dots – you will either wait in a line on Record Store Day, pre-order from the artist and/or label, or take part in a crowd funding campaign that promises you product in the end. Any way you slice it – there is going to be a wait.

This also doesn’t take into account the waiting list that exists to produce vinyl. In many cases CD and digital downloads are available months before an artist can get their vinyl produced. The reason for this is that only so many vinyl print machines are left since the demise of vinyl record sales back in the early 90’s. No one expected the resurgence of vinyl in the last few years, so now everyone is going to those few places that produce records with all their jobs. Both major labels with extensive back catalogues and indie labels trying to produce cool new product for vinyl collectors are fighting for time at the press.

So here we are in 2015, and the Juliana Hatfield Three have released Whatever, My Love for us music fans. In fact, if you want the CD copy or digital download you can get it right now. Hell, you can stream it for free on Spotify. It just that my preference is vinyl, so I’m now waiting until summer nears conclusion for my pre-order to arrive in the mail.

Now the vinyl edition comes with a download card and offers a choice between clear or purple marble, and it looks really awesome, so from my collector viewpoint, I’m getting something really cool. The album itself sounds like the natural follow up to Become What You Are from back in 1993 (which it is) and has a really easy going feel that I think has been missing from her music in the last few years. However, the record company might have done me a favor by giving me a download code now, so that I’m not without owning the tunes until August. Guess I’m stuck streaming for now.