Collectors Corner – Christmas Lego

Collector’s  Corner  – Christmas Edition #2

So you’re in a panic about what to get that favorite someone. They like puzzles. They like Christmas. They like to be surprised. Well folks, Lego isn’t just for kids. It is a (depending on the set) giant jigsaw puzzle that once put together is cool collectible and talking point. They look great on the top of a bookshelf, an end table or on a display shelf.


If you get a Christmas set, putting it together each year can be a tradition.


If you get tired of it, you can sell it on e-bay for about three times what you paid.

“WTF” you say… well I’m deadly serious about this.

The right set of Lego has extremely high resale value. Take the 2012 Christmas set.

lego 2012 holiday

Released in the fall of 2011 as Lego set 10222 Winter Village, it had 822 bricks and sold for $79.99 in Canada.

Take a quick trip to e-bay and it is being sold for anywhere between $250 and $400 USD.

“But that’s INSANE” you scream!

Maybe so, but Lego isn’t just a cool gift. If you have all the pieces and keep the box in good condition, it doesn’t matter that it is opened, the right set will hold the value or better.

This year’s Christmas set falls under the Lego Creator banner has 883 bricks and is called Santa’s Village (set #10245). It sells for $89.99 in Canada.


Even as I’m writing this the online Lego site is sold out, but the Lego Stores still have stock. They also have the Winter Village Market (set #10235) which sells for $129.99.


It is also sold out online but still in Lego stores.

So, it is either a good purchase as a collectible or an investment. Of course, I’d rather build it as part of the holiday tradition, but I’m a bit of a geek that way.



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