TAKE THAT, FOUR OF A KIND! or Queens Of The Stone Age – … Like Clockwork

queens standard

To say that …Like Clockwork was a loved record would be an understatement, it was pretty much universally praised as a great record. In hindsight Josh Homme was screaming to the world that Queens Of The Stone Age were now the greatest hard rock band since “fill in your own blank.” Almost two years since its release and “I Sat By The Ocean” can be heard almost daily on the radio. Josh Homme must have had an inkling it was great before it was even released because he handed fans an abundance of options to not only purchase it in multi formats, but four different vinyl versions as well. Three of those wax options were on the very day of release.

1) 2x vinyl 12” that plays at 45rpm with a red cover

2) 2x vinyl 12” limited edition (10000 copies) 150 gram vinyl plays at 45 rpm with a blue album cover


3) 2x vinyl 12” limited edition 180 gram vinyl plays at 45rpm with an oversized gatefold cover containing a 20 page book

Then, with the album already selling very well came Record Store Day/Black Friday and the band put out option #4; the so called Black On Black Friday Edition. Limited to 2400 copies the cover art was in black and inside was a 180 gram vinyl record.


Now the funny thing about these options, are the crazy prices that vinyl resellers are asking for them.  In some cases, sealed copies of the black cover and the blue cover editions have asking prices of over a $100.00 but used copies can be found for under $35.00. Funnier still were that I found people asking $35.00 for a new copy of the standard red cover edition and the deluxe book set for another $100.00. The reason I find this funny is that the bands own website still has these for sale for less money. WAY LESS! The standard vinyl is $19.99 and the deluxe is $44.99 American.

Honestly, if you’re looking at purchasing …Like Clockwork on vinyl, go to your local record store before you start thinking about the online re-sellers. Great sounding new records are still available. I’ve even seen a couple of the blue covers kickin’ around at regular prices.


3 thoughts on “TAKE THAT, FOUR OF A KIND! or Queens Of The Stone Age – … Like Clockwork

  1. I bought the blue version as it was the same price as the regular on release and because of the limited run. I see it wasn’t *that* limited however! Hadn’t seen that 10,000 number before.
    I’d be surprised the album overall had sold more than double that on vinyl (Jack White sold 55,000, but it was all-singing all-dancing and only one edition) so there are probably almost as many blue copies as regular copies out there!


  2. Pretty much are as many blue copies out and about. What I appreciate about that is that it does keep costs pretty low. As much as I like “limited” vinyl, it bugs the crap out of me when I see it be hoarded by re-sellers who charge 4 – 5 times the original price. I don’t mind paying a premium if I missed the boat but not hundreds of dollars. Prices like that for new vinyl take all the fun out of getting it. It becomes more like an investment, with your collection being placed in a safety deposit box.


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