SAY WHAT NOW! VINYL TUESDAY! Oh damn, how the hell do I pay for that?


I don’t know if any of you caught the music news this week but the big announcement wasn’t a release by “fill in your favourite band” but rather that indie record stores are about to start “Vinyl Tuesday.”

In conjunction with and modeled on the example of Record Store Day, Vinyl Tuesday is set to bring you new and limited vinyl each week. As stated by the American Association of Independent Music in their press release, “there will be several types of vinyl releases.”

1) Catalog releases which can mean releases made specifically for Vinyl Tuesday or a regular release

2) Commercial and promotional vinyl releases

3) Rare cases where vinyl hits the streets before any other medium

4) Vinyl made specifically for the Record Store Day / indie shoppers

5) Vinyl that is being released after other formats

Basically, all the same stores that have been participating on RSD are going to be joining the Vinyl Tuesday craze. The only thing not mentioned in the press release (or anywhere else) is when vinyl Tuesday is set to start.

Now… where the hell do I get the cash to pay for this?


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