A Wish Come True…. or Violent Femmes – Eponymous


One month and sixteen days ago I wrote a little piece on the Violent Femmes eponymous debut lamenting the fact that nothing new in vinyl had been re-released since Rhino did the job back in 2003. Well, that changed today folks…. YAY!

Newbury is offering it in exclusive green marble vinyl.


It looks pretty damn sweet. Anyway, here is a link to the original review and another to Newbury if you want this prize as badly as I.




2 thoughts on “A Wish Come True…. or Violent Femmes – Eponymous

    • True enough, I’m going on a bit of faith. The Newbury #1 Record sounds great up against the CD and 180 gram, and I’ll compare the Femmes record against both as well – once it arrives. Any problems and I’ll re-post.


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