What I Got, I Gotta Get It… or Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik



It’s pretty hard to imagine the 90’s without the funky sounds of the Chili Peppers making dancers of even the most inept “two left footers” in the alt-rock clubs. Thank goodness jumping up and down with your arms in the air was an actual dance move (the “Pogo” – look it up) back in the day or I’d have been stuck at the bar all night.

What seems remarkable (other than me actually dancing) is that other than during its initial release in 1991, no vinyl version of Blood Sugar Sex Magik was put out until 2009 and it wasn’t re-mastered from its original analog source until 2011. Then things went into temporary overdrive.

Between 2011 and 12, five vinyl versions of Blood Sugar Sex Magik hit the streets. On November 25, 2011 (Black Friday/Record Store Day in North America), the first two limited versions were put out as a…

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