” I’m Havin’ a Sheer Heart Attack” or Queen – The Studio Collection (Vinyl Box Set)


From time to time I’ve been known to ‘rock out’ to the glorious sounds of Queen. Sure they could be way over the top, but they were the very best at it. Well, Queen has given us the opportunity to do it all over again with a new vinyl box set.


The albums have been completely remastered by Bob Ludwig and pressed on coloured 180 gram vinyl using the half speed lacquered process. Each records colour is designed to match up with its albums original artwork.


The set will also include a 108 page hard cover book containing hand written lyrics, memorabilia and extensive notes on each album as well as download cards for high quality digital at 320 kps.

Queen The Studio Collection will be released on September 25th and is available for pre-order at all the usual retailers and the Queen online store.


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