Are You Kidding Me? A Working Lego Turntable! – I Really Want This!

Anyone having read this blog knows that I love Lego and I LOVE vinyl. Well, holy rotating crap Batman!… some beautiful genius in South Korea has combined them to create this gorgeous working turntable.


So, I’m looking at my Facebook page and this video pops up.

Now, having watched the youtube video, it does sound like crap, but youtube has a whole bunch of working turntables built with lego… they also sound like crap.

The one from the video uses parts from an audiotechnica with Lego, and puts the sound out through speakers that are also built from Lego. I would be curious to hear it with real speakers. In fact, I would be curious to see a turntable built with Lego and really great parts from an old turntable that could be run through a stereo. To date it seems that the ‘master builders’ have been using Lego motors instead of the ones housed in a real record player. So, it might be a great project for someone to try using the Lego for buttons, switches and housing while getting the internals to work with genuine turntable parts.  Having no electronics aptitude, it isn’t a good project for me, but someone could probably do a good job.

AND – when they do – I want one!

With a Lego instruction booklet so that I can put it together and feel like an eight year old genius who just built a turntable out of lego… first play would go to the White Stripes.

Here is the original article that got me dreaming about this.





4 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me? A Working Lego Turntable! – I Really Want This!

  1. This is awesome!! I also have an unnatural love of Lego which raises many questions as a 24 year old, but whatever. Nothing better than listening to your records while putting some Lego together…

    Unless its listening to a record on a lego turntable!! Hope some bright person is able to match the internal electrics into a lego housing and make this dream a reality!

    Check my page to see some of the Lego i have built:



    • Awesome page! I look forward to reading more. Also, I don’t think 24 and Lego are all that unnatural. That’s like saying I should turn down the tunes and unplug my guitars because I’m too old. That just isn’t about to happen.


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