Dear God Stop Me; But Which Band Wagon Should I Jump Upon or Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit…




Weeks now have gone by and ‘buzz’ is still everywhere about Courtney Barnett. In one day as I trolled only those blogs that have similar interests to my own I found six people writing about her. That was without typing her name or even trying to find anything out. Once you jump into the world of both paper and online publications, well, the raves don’t stop. So I listen and find good reason for all the accolades, but now that I know, what the hell should I buy?

A quick check around and you find out that that not only has she released her stuff across several formats, but when it comes to vinyl, she has multiple versions within the same format.

Option A – Good old fashioned plain single disc black vinyl

Option B – Special Edition single disc orange translucent vinyl with a  lp slipmat

Option C –…

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